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It's not just because Les Yeux Noirs are fronted by two violin-wielding brothers that the word 'fraternity' comes to mind. Eric and Olivier Slabiak have produced a band that, while scoring extremely highly on the musical front, also come with a peace-love-and-understanding vibe fitted as standard. Considered and complex yet wild and occasionally raucous, Les Yeux Noirs (The Black Eyes) certainly give notions of musical purity a good bruising.

Theirs is a sound that ignores the divisions of political maps, sneaks past border patrols and extends the hand of - it's that word again - fraternity right across Central and Eastern Europe. Equal parts gypsy and klezmer (with plenty of jazzy flourishes to boot), the band draw on music from right across the region, from Hungary down to Armenia.

It's an exhilarating, winding journey, most often conducted at a pedal-to-the-metal, breakneck speed. Fans of Taraf de Haidouks or Nigel Kennedy's work with the Polish band Kroke are well-advised to get on board. Their new favourite band has just arrived.

Nige Tassell

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1992 : A band of Gypies
(Buda Musique/Mélodie)

1994 : Suite

(Buda Musique/Mélodie)

1997 : Izvoara   


2002 : Balamouk   

(Harmonia Mundi/World Village)

2003 : Live   

(Harmonia Mundi/World Village)

2004 : tChorba   

(LesYeux Noirs/World Vilage)

2009 : Opre Scena - Best oyf   

(Elles et O/Zig Zag)

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2010 : Tiganeasca   

(Zig Zag Territoire/Outhere)

«Ai Routchiok»

Générique du film

(Sony - 2009)

The Jakarta Post (april 2012 ):

«...Les Yeux Noirs has performed at the most prestigious concert venues in France, but when they were asked about their interest in playing abroad, Olivier do not «hesitate with his answer. “Cultural exchange and communication are essentials for music to be able to evolve.»

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On stage with Les Yeux Noirs...

Educational outreach project. Les Yeux Noirs invited singers and music students to work a few pieces of their repertoire, and share a moment on stage with them during a concert.